Quiet Wish (duo)

In August 2014, with her young family growing up and herself having more time to concentrate on music again, Carola began searching for collaborators in Surrey, UK, where she lived. She then met David J Lambert, a fellow songwriter, guitarist, composer (and general tech expert!), who lived close by,  and they formed a duo playing original compositions, initially acoustically, then later with much more of an electronical feel. The duo met with much acclaim, they played often at local venues and released a homespun CD called ‘Walk With Care’. The highspot for the duo was playing at 2016 Weyfest festival. By that time, both Carola and David had met up with Dave Salsbury, and Quiet Wish evolved into the band it is now, with the duo format now in abeyance.

Here are some examples of the duo music. More info can be found here on the Quiet Wish website. http://www.quietwish.com/duo/

Here are some examples of the duo music.



Slow Down


Playing Summer live at QWT.

Quiet Time