The Story Of Valerie (re-discovered cassette)

A 28 year old home recorded cassette tape of Carola Baer’s early music was found at a Good Will charity shop in Portland Oregon by Jed Binderman . He contacted her and asked if he could press and release it on vinyl. The album was  released early  2019, on the Concentric Circles Record Label, and can be purchased from the following on-line stores:

In UK from Norman Records:

In the EU from Rush Hour:

In the USA from Light In The Attic:

Here is some example music from the tape:

Golden Boy 1990 / 92 Re-mixed and mastered experimental song

Doors Talk  original jam improvisation 1990- 92 4 track cassette recorder

We Already Feel : improvisation 1990 – 92 recorded on a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder 

CZ Cries  original jam cassette  improvisation 4 track cassette 1990-92

The Original Cassette

Some other tracks from the Story of Valerie days that do not appear on the album.

In Your Car