Carola Current Solo

Carola Baer writes and performs as a solo artist or with her current band Ruby Dawn. She also collaborates with other musicians both locally and internationally. Carola has yet to release her first professionally recorded album but this is underway. The album will be an amalgamation of re recorded past compositions reminiscent of her solo music cassette recording days,  and also new current material.  The songs below are home recordings done on a simple Tascam 8 track recorder and were all produced, performed and mixed by Carola . These tracks represent potential ideas, that will be explored more fully in a professional recording studio .

Save The Day Written and recorded 2020 during lockdown. Picture curtesy of Christian Robold

Save The Day

This Garden written 1991 , re recorded several times, this is my latest recording , all live takes as unable to cut and paste during lock down . Picture from photographer exquisite Annie-Sophie Guillet

Arms of Love Produced on a Tascam 8 Track performed and recorded by Carola Baer
Maker of Me, retake of the original on found cassette The Story of Valerie
Dream On produced on a Tascam 8 track performed and recorded by Carola Baer
Other Side of You recorded on a Tascam 8 track inspired by an original guitar riff of Dave Salsbury recorded and performed by Carola Baer

Dust and Fire:

Peace Be With You written March 20, 2020 Current Keys song

Dissolve current new song

Dissolve, into the ground, our bodies connected over time

The following material are songs written on the guitar rather than keys

Broken Intentions

Broken Intentions current solo keys and guitar

Stone Solider electric guitar with effects
Midnight Driving electric guitar with effects