Ruby Dawn (Current Band)

Carola Baer currently performs in Ruby Dawn,  a new collaboration that formed in 2021.  The band  perform hypnotic power grooves with a social conscience creating a rich and unique progressive rock sound that weaves emotional intensity with captivating lyrical expressions and goosebump heart pounding drive; like an amalgamation of a Massive Attack Cure Muse and  Floydian energy. She is joined by Dave Salsbury (former lead guitarist of her old band Quiet Wish) and Ian Turner on Bass and Adam Perry on drums. Her hypnotic intensive music is brought up to a new power level with the addition of like minded band members. Ruby Dawn Band has now a reputation of being an intensive emotionally driven force of social contemporary conscious progressive rock music. The band are working on their first album and look forward to more live performances .

The New Ruby Dawn Band, From left: Ian Turner (bass) Dave Salsbury (lead Guitar) Carola Baer (voice keys lyrics) Adam Perry (drums)

Carola Baer
Dave Salsbury
Ian Turner
Adam Perry
Break Down